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I’m concerned and challenged about the future Alaska that we are leaving for our kids. I want to protect our Alaskan way of life. People want to live quiet peaceful lives and that’s hard to do when the government is continually trying to regulate you. I want less government oversight by implementing some degree of regulatory restraint. I’m for responsible development to help fund our state government, and creating jobs. That needs to be combined with sound and flexible fiscal plans, plus a wise use of the budget reserve. I’ve enjoyed exploring the wilds of Alaska and I see our access gradually being diminished through new regulatory rules. Our Alaskan wilderness is what makes us unique and it should be accessible to future generations. And lastly, I think we need to be tougher and smarter on crime.

I’m respectfully asking the Alaskans in District 4 to allow me to put both my business experience and my personal experience to work for each of them and their families with a goal to solve our economic problems, create more jobs, and leave Alaska as its best possible version of the future. District 4 deserves a change in leadership, it deserves a new level of energy, it deserves a new vibrant vision. I'm ready to shoulder these responsibilities for the benefit of all of my friends and neighbors in District 4 and beyond.